HPC Workers' Compensation Physical Therapy Experts

The physical therapists at Human Performance Centers are experts in treating work-related injuries. The best Workers' Compensation outcomes often occur when physical therapy is not delayed, thus we can generally schedule the initial visit within one day. Patient participation is an integral component in the rehabilitative process. We listen to the patient's needs and goals, developing a plan of care to work effectively in achieving maximum recovery.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) are performed at our North Oklahoma City location. Our Functional Capacity Evaluations help determine when our patients are able to return to work. They are based upon the objective measurements of the worker's functional capabilities and job match demands. To schedule an FCE, please contact Holly Goodson at (405) 946-7300.

Our focus is to return patients to their previous work activities. We are dedicated to being part of the solution by delivering cost-effective services and stressing outcome-based/goal-oriented programs, working toward the ultimate goal of case resolution.

Contact our Work Comp Liaison, Julie Savage, at (405) 821-4668 or email at julies@hpcok.com or Logan Mitchell, at (405) 863-6361 or email at loganm@hpcok.com.
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